Originally a spincasting specialty contractor on the front-end of that technology, Nu-Pipe has evolved into a contractor capable of producing turnkey trenchless solutions in any circumstance.  Our skillset has grown to include CIPP, injection grouting, damming and dewatering, CCTV, Jet-Vac Cleaning, and sectional liners.  Nu-Pipe specializes in finding and performing the best trenchless solutions for the following:

Pipe rehabilitation or “retain” package on highway widening jobs

DOT roads and highways pipe maintenance

DOT bridge maintenance (pipes >48″ in diameter)

Municipality/county road pipe maintenance

Jobs featuring difficult access, pipes allowing significant infiltration, pipes requiring heavy dewatering and/or cleaning, and fully deteriorated pipes

While we often perform work for maintenance departments, the solutions we design and perform are structurally independent and have lifespans of at least 50 years, while many of them have lifespans exceeding 100 years, according to DOT and third-party calculations.

We have customized the CCTV portion of Nu-Pipe in the same way we have customized every other portion of the company.  We committed to specializing in stormwater.  Therefore, we bought robots that are larger, more powerful, and more rugged than those designed to work in sewer or water lines.  Our cameras stabilize the picture as they traverse the corrugations in CMP; they crawl over or through debris, sticks, brush, and sections of steep incline; they can turn up to 75º to allow us to continue through buried junction boxes where cross lines may intersect trunk lines, and they are large enough to produce good picture quality from the center of the pipe in pipes up to 84″ in diameter.

Every project manager, superintendent, foreman, operator, and laborer at Nu-Pipe is Level II Sedimentation and Erosion Control Certified by North Carolina State University.  We pride ourselves on our ability to perform our work without causing any harm to the environment around us.  Our belief that it is always better to harness the power of the water to help us, rather than try to overpower the water, has enabled us to dewater areas that other contractors deemed lost causes.  We own 15 of our AquaBarriers, and we use them to dewater standing or slow-moving water up to 8 feet in depth; OSHA approves work behind the AquaBarriers.  We own three different types of plugs.  We own standard air-inflated plugs, water-inflated plugs, and mechanical plugs.  OSHA approves the work behind mechanical plugs.  Our plug system ranges from 12″ to 54″ in diameter.  We own a plethora of pumps ranging from 2″ to 10″, most of them silenced.  Our skill, training, and philosophy about damming and dewatering to allow for safe, environmentally-friendly work are what sets us apart from others.