We are certified and preferred installers for the world’s leading CIPP manufacturers.  With over 200,000 LF of liner installed since 2016, Nu-Pipe is one of the most qualified CIPP installers in the world, and we are the most qualified independent CIPP contractor in the Southeast.  We have 3 CIPP crews, each equipped with a similar, yet distinct set of equipment designed for the specific area of expertise of each crew.  All of our CIPP equipment is tailored to the stormwater industry, where shorter shots and larger diameters exist than in sewer, so we will not waste your valuable shoulder space with equipment that is needed to install 800 LF of CIPP in a sewer shot, but unnecessary for a 100 LF stormwater shot.

James W. Bradford trained 10 of our men in December of 2016, when we installed our first CIPP liner, and all 10 of those men remain on our CIPP crews.  Each of those men has installed CIPP every workday since 2018.