Nu-Pipe’s fleet of pipe cleaning, desilting, and hydro-excavation equipment is diverse and specialized.  We have three distinct types of “vac truck”, each specially suited to its own niche.  And all of our trucks are equipped with Hydro-Excavation units.

We have Recyclers, which cut decant, dump, and water fill up time for jet-heavy cleaning.  Recyclers reuse the water that is pumped through the jetter system, which enables them to stay on lines longer, limit that down time, and cut down on our environmental impact.  

We have Jet-Vac trucks, which are the industry’s jack of all trades.  Our Jet-Vac Trucks are an inexpensive way to accomplish everyday cleaning and desilting projects.  

And we have our own, customized version of a Jet-Vac system.  This system is equipped with a 5250 CFM blower, much greater than the 4,500 that is the maximum blower size for any manufacturer’s stock Jet-Vac Truck.  That increased power allows us to pull 1,000 feet on-grade through flex hose.  With that range, we do not have to get right on the pipe we are cleaning.  We can set up far out of the way and run hose to the pipe to be desilted.  We can also clean long runs of pipe without jetting, which is often required in large pipes in extremely poor condition.  This truck can pull dry material just as fast as it can pull wet material.  To top it off, this truck is equipped with a high-dump hydraulic kit to allow us to dump into a roll-off dumpster of any size.  This will eliminate any need for dumping offsite or into environmentally sensitive areas.  And when jetting is necessary, this system is always accompanied by a jetter trailer with the same pumping capacity and power as the strongest Jet-Vac trucks on the market.  This is the system that can do it all, accomplish any goal, and do it fast with no negative environmental impact.