Every project manager, superintendent, foreman, operator, and laborer at Nu-Pipe is Level II Sedimentation and Erosion Control Certified by North Carolina State University.  We pride ourselves on our ability to perform our work without causing any harm to the environment around us.  Our belief that it is always better to harness the power of the water to help us, rather than try to overpower the water, has enabled us to dewater areas that other contractors deemed lost causes.

We own 15 of our AquaBarriers, and we use them to dewater standing or slow-moving water up to 8 feet in depth; OSHA approves work behind the AquaBarriers.  We own three different types of plugs.  We own standard air-inflated plugs, water-inflated plugs, and mechanical plugs.  OSHA approves the work behind mechanical plugs.  Our plug system ranges from 12″ to 54″ in diameter.  We own a plethora of pumps ranging from 2″ to 10″, most of them silenced.  Our skill, training, and philosophy about damming and dewatering to allow for safe, environmentally-friendly work are what sets us apart from others.

We are capable of dewatering any stormwater structure in any circumstance.  We deploy our cofferdams, Aqua-Barriers, sump pumps, vacuum pumps, centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, self-priming pumps, wellpoints, and sheet piles as necessary to achieve the dewatering goals of our projects.  Whether it’s Damming and Dewatering, Bypass Pumping, or Temporary Damming that the project calls for, Nu-Pipe has the equipment and expertise to get the job dry.